ETA Helps Internap Maximize Tight Budget To Produce Full Scale, High-End Sales Conference


Internap helps people build and manage the world’s best performing IT infrastructure. Their global footprint of data centers, patented network technology and hybrid approach to hosting solutions that blends virtual and bare-metal cloud computing, managed hosting and colocation delivers a seamless end-user experience with the lowest latency ev- ery time. Each year, the organization unites its sales force at a multi-day sales conference, providing an opportunity for all members of the Internap team to connect, communicate and strategize for their future success.


For Bindu Crandall, Director of Marketing Communications, Social Media & F1 Sponsorship for Internap, the decision to bring in ETA to produce Internap’s sales conference was an easy one. “Before joining the Internap team, I had worked with the ETA Team on a very large conference,” she recalls. “And I was really impressed with their ability to handle such a huge event with so many people, so many breakout sessions, so many general sessions. I felt like I was at a Hollywood production. It was so impressive and amazing.”

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